Costs and Fees

The following fee schedule is in US Dollars. Fees are charged monthly.
Fee Type Amount
One Time Setup Fee There is a one-time fee of $99 to set up your account.
Image Upload Fees In order to pay for the bandwidth associated with uploading your images, there is a fee for each image that you upload. This fee depends on how many images you upload in a given month. The more images that you upload, the lower the cost per image.
Images Per Month  
From To       Unit Cost
1 10 0.69
11 20 0.62
21 40 0.56
41 80 0.50
81 130 0.45
131 190 0.41
191 260 0.37
261 340 0.33
341 500 0.30
501 1000 0.27
1001+   0.24
Image Storage Fees In order to cover the cost of storage and to encourage clients to remove images that are no longer needed online, we charge a fee according to the amount of storage space you use. This fee is 30 cent per gigabyte per day. For example, a study consisting of 100 megabytes in storage costs about 3 cents per day to store.
Image Access Fee There is no charge to view uploaded images.
Example Cost Suppose, in a given month, you upload a study consisting of 25 DICOM images totalling 100MB. The study is uploaded at the beginning of the month and is kept for 30 days. The cost associated with this study is:
  Upload Fee: 25 * .62 = 15.50
Storage Fee: .03 * 30 = .90
Total: $16.40
Note that you can save on storage fees by deleting the DICOM images once they have been uploaded since the associated JPEGS will still be available for viewing.