DICOM X-Ray Sharing and Archiving

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Xrayshare Features and Capabilities

Xrayshare has many features that make it the ideal method for securely sharing digital x-ray images with clients and colleagues. Here are just some of the many capabilites of Xrayshare:

Rapid X-ray Upload

You can select an unlimited number of digital images to be uploaded from your local or network storage device (harddrive, DVD, Memory Stick, etc.). After selecting the files, the upload operation is hands-free so you can work on other activities while the digital x-rays are uploading. Learn more about the DICOM Upload Applet.

Convenient Web-Based Viewer

You decide who is allowed to view your x-ray images. Those given permission can view the x-rays using only a web-browser. Here is an example of the web-based dicom image digital x-ray viewer. For security purposes, you will need to verify a code to access the sample images.

Low Cost Image Sharing

You save time and money by sharing your x-ray images online. These images can be made available instantly and you avoid the cost of shipping the images to the intended recipient(s). Learn about our DICOM Upload and Storage Costs.

Upload X-rays in DICOM or JPEG Formats

You decide whether you want to upload the original DICOM x-ray images or JPEG images that have been created by your x-ray software.

Automatic Image Resizing

In addition to the original (full-size) x-ray image, Xrayshare automatically generates thumbnail images and medium sized images as part of the upload process. This is one of the many ways that Xrayshare is able to deliver extremely high-performance x-ray viewing capabilities.

X-ray Image Archiving

One of the advantages of uploading your DICOM x-ray images is that this results in the creation of a secure off-site backup of your original images. These can be downloaded later, whenever these original x-ray images are needed.

No Special Software

The only software required by Xrayshare is a web-browser. This means you can upload and share digital x-ray images regardless of your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linix, Palm, etc.). Xrayshare works with all popular web-browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Blackberry, etc.).

Secure Sharing

You (the medical practitioner) decide who is allowed to view a set of x-rays and for how long. No one can view x-rays without your explicit permission.

Secure Photo Sharing

As well as dicom images, Xrayshare can also be used to securely share jpeg (jpg) photos. Instead of emailing several photos to intended recipients, you can upload them to Xrayshare and decide who is allowed to view them.

Reseller Options

If you work with many practitioners or radiologists, you might wish to resell the Xrayshare platform to your clients. Contact Xrayshare to learn about our reseller's program.